7 Of The Best Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Making A Mess

December 30, 2019

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We love our dogs but boy do they make a mess… It’s like the floors, the doors, the garden, the sofa, and the bed are their favorite places to mark their territory! Preventing your dog from running amok when they’re dirty will leave you with less of a mess to clean. That’s why these 7 clever hacks will help cut the time you spend on cleaning so you can spend more time with your furry friend.


1. Put a dog walking kit next to the door

You open the door after returning from a walk and your dog runs inside while full of dirt, mud, leaves, or whatever they decided to roll around in. It’s a problem that all dog parents have run into. If you leave paw wipes and towels by the door then you can make sure your dog is clean enough to get into the bathtub without dirtying up the entire house.

2. Get a food mat

Some of us have dogs that are extremely enthusiastic eaters and they can’t eat dinner without flinging half of their food around the entire kitchen. This is where food mats are especially helpful. A rubber backed food mat will stick to the floor and the food bowls will stick to them, preventing a huge mess from being created. They will cut down on the amount of food that touches the floor which will prove to be beneficial for both you and your dog.


3. Find a washable dog bed

Just washing your dog’s bed once a week will prevent a mucky, stinky bed and get rid of some germs. There are plenty of washable dog beds out there to choose from.

4. Have a sofa with washable covers

Okay, so it’s pretty hard to keep your dog from jumping onto the sofa right? Finding a sofa with washable covers will help you keep some of the dog hair under control. Or you can even protect your current sofa with washable throws.


5. Groom your dog regularly

We all know that dogs constantly shed. Reduce the amount of hair on your furniture by grooming and brushing your dog everyday. If you have a dog that doesn’t shed, even better! Bear in mind, these dogs still need regular grooming too. Also, having your dog’s nails trimmed regularly will minimize the amount of damage they do if they’re scratchers or clawers.

6. Bathe your dog regularly

Regularly bathing your dog will help keep shedding down as well. Note: It’s important to remove all of the shampoo when bathing your dog and even more so not to use human products on them. You want them smelling nice and fresh but don’t want to hurt them.


7. Invest in a dog car seat cover

If you’re taking your dog out somewhere that requires a car to get to, you might want to look into car seat covers. There’s nothing worse than having a ton of dog hair and mud all over your seats.


We know that you can’t fully prevent your dog from making a mess, but if you try out some of the tips above, it will definitely help minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning up after your dog. You don’t have to try all of these tips. Instead, just try one. Chances are it will probably help you out.


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