7 Important Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe From Traffic

February 18, 2020

7 Important Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe From Traffic - Team K9

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We all want to keep our fur babies as safe as possible. Unfortunately, roads and traffic are among the largest threats for our dogs. Our most important responsibility as dog parents is dog guardianship. Sadly, around 1.2 million dogs are killed by traffic in the United States each year alone - and many of these tragedies can be prevented. Here are 7 great tips for keeping your dog safe from traffic.


1. Love the leash

Every time you take your dog outside, you should put them on a leash. Make sure that the leash and the harness are both in good condition and replace anything that is showing signs of wear and tear. Otherwise, it could end in disaster. If your dog is a regular Houdini dog, look into getting a harness.

7 Important Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe From Traffic - Team K9

2. Teach traffic safety

When taking your dog for a walk, teach them to sit each time you come to a curb. You can reward this with a treat and create a command for proceeding when it’s safe to walk into the road. This helps to teach dogs that streets and sidewalks are spaces where different rules apply.


3. Play smarter

If your dog loves chasing a ball, squirrel, or anything else that moves, they can easily get tunnel vision and run into oncoming traffic. You can protect your dog by throwing things away from the road. If you have any guests that decide to join you, make sure they know about this important rule.


4. Be visible

Naturally, drivers have a harder time seeing during dusk and dawn. You can make sure you and your dog are safe by wearing reflective clothing and accessories. A reflective harness or leash can give your dog the much needed visibility during early morning and evening walks.

7 Important Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe From Traffic - Team K9

5. Secure the premises

If you own a house, put up a fence. However, even if you have a fence, you should still be vigilant. Before turning your dog loose in a fenced yard, check to make sure the fence hasn’t been damaged and all the gates are closed.


6. Stay alert

You should never leave your dog outside unattended. Even if you have a fence, your dog may find a way to get under or over it. If your dog is a digger, they can burrow under the fence and put themselves in danger.


7. Driveway dangers

Although it may seem like a safe place, it is very important to be alert when backing out of your driveway. Be sure to make full use of your mirrors and back-up camera to ensure that no four-legged pedestrians get hit by your car. If you’re expecting guests, keep your dog in a secure location where they can’t get hit by a car.


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