5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Walks The Best They Can Be

April 27, 2020

5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Walks The Best They Can Be - Team K9

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Is your dog getting enough exercise? If not, one of the best ways to do this is to take them out for a walk. It’s recommended that you walk your dog at least once every day, but it doesn’t hurt to take them out more than that. As we all know, dogs have a lot of energy, so they probably wouldn’t mind going out multiple times each day, especially if it means they get to spend more time with you. So here are a few quick tips to help make your walks the best they can be!


1. Explore a new route

Unfortunately, dog walks can become mundane for us humans which is why it’s easy to pick one path and stick to it every day. The whole experience eventually becomes part of our routine and seems automatic. Even if you add a little bit of variety to your walks it can make dog walks more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. And you can do this by changing up your daily walking route! I know… SO SIMPLE! Next time you head out, take a left instead of a right or even take your dog out for a hike. You’ll get to discover new places and with new places comes all sorts of new smells and experiences for your dog. We promise it won’t disappoint!

5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Walks The Best They Can Be - Team K9

2. Bring snacks and treats

It’s never not a good time to make your dog feel extra special. Take along some special treats for your dog. You can use them to reward your furry friend following successful commands such as “sit” or “come”. If you want to add some more excitement to your walk, set-up a scavenger hunt for your dog. You can do this by hiding some treats along your walking path and letting your dog sniff them out. Their favorite treats work really well for this. Aside from treats, make sure you also bring plenty of water, especially as it starts to get warmer out there.


3. Challenge each other

In today’s age you probably have some sort of step tracker. Whether it be a fitbit or a smartphone, you can include your dog in the fitness challenge. You may already have daily step requirements or exercise goals, so why not include them? Plan a walk that will be X amount of steps and give both you and your dog a reward if you reach your goal. Will doggo have you beat?

5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Walks The Best They Can Be - Team K9

4. Play follow the leader

As dog parents, we usually like to lead the way when we go out for walks. However, when we take charge during walks it often deprives our dogs the opportunity to stop and sniff around when they find something interesting. Next time you’re out, try allowing your dog to use their senses to figure out where they want to go and follow them. Will you end up standing in front of a tree for 20 minutes… probably! But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?


5. Focus on training

Obedience training might sound like a lot of work, but dogs like to have something to do especially if it means showing us what they’re capable of. Practicing basic commands such as “stay”, “sit”, or “come” while you’re outside can give even a trained dog an extra fun challenge. It is more difficult for dogs to focus on commands when there are new distractions around. Use your walk time to train in different environments. It can increase your dog’s impulse control and it’s the perfect way to sharpen their focus. Also, this is a great time to pull out those treats again!

5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Walks The Best They Can Be - Team K9

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